The Board Game Leftovers Review System - Eat It, Reheat It, Freeze It, Deep Six It!

The Board Game Leftovers review system is a simple 4 tier system:

If the host don't like a game, they Deep Six It!  They never to play the game again!

If the game is just ok, they Freeze It! They would play it again but it's not for everybody!

If a game is good, they Reheat It! They would definitelyplay this game again!

If the game is great, they Eat It! They would play this game anytime and recommend you play this game!

If a game would get eaten by atleast 2 host, it receives the coveted James Board Award for Excellence In Gaming!

In this episode! Jim Reed is joined once again by Adam Stuart and Matt McHale drops by again! 

They review three board games. Railroad Revolution from What's Your Game?, Dastardly Dirigibles from Fireside Games, and Roll Player from Thunderworks Games!

In the news, Everything Epic - releasing a Big Trouble In Little China co-operative adventure game, Munchkin gets the X-men treatment, Scythe expansion coming, Plaid Hat Games announces a new two player card combat game, and we also talk True Dungeon and PAX Prime.





In this episode , we review a bunch of games! Terraforming Mars from Stronghold Games, Adrenaline from CGE, Raise Your Goblets from CMON, and V-Commandos from Triton Noir. We also touch on The Colonists, Marvel Heroes, Road Kill Rally, Glass Road, and Black Orchestra!

We talk some about our experience with the first ever ConnClave Gaming Convention in Danbury, CT and we also hit on the topics of gamer burn out and pod fading!



In this episode Jim is joined by first time special guest Adam Stuart as this episode was recorded midway through Connclave 2017 in Danbury, CT! We discuss and review, Great Western trail from Stronghold Games, ZhanGou from Whats Your Game, and First Class from Zman Games! (One of these games gets awarded the coveted James Board Award!)

News -  Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Champions of Midgard expansions, Thunderstone Quest, Codenames gets a Disney and Marvel makeover, Greater Than Games and Green Ronin team up, Terminator board game on Kickstarter, My Little Pony RPG, and Conan RPG.



In this episode we review Arkham Horror The Card Came from Fantasy Flight Games and Legends of the American Frontier from Game Salute.


News - We talk about Dungeon Alliance from Andrew Parks and Quixotic Games launching on Kickstarter in Feb 2017 and A Handful of Stars from Martin Wallace and Treefrog Games coming March 2017.​



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